Bubble hotel

Picture being embraced by nothing but the great outdoors on all sides, with the dazzling night sky above you, and the ambient noises rustling softly around you as you sleep on a perfectly plush king-size bed. And no, that’s not too much to hope for nowadays, thanks to the new phenomenon of the bubble house, a trend you’re hopefully already acquainted with.

A bubble hotel is essentially a transparent dome, designed to allow guests to cocoon themselves in nature without quite leaving their materialistic comforts behind.

Reasons why a transparent dome house is better than traditional accommodations:

  • The typical dome house is constructed using about one-third fewer materials than you could use for a similarly sized, standard home. LiteSort’s Bubble hotels are 200 times stronger than an average home of glass. They’re made of polycarbonate and aluminum and are economical as well.
  • LiteSort’s dome houses are the world’s best clear dome houses, which are UV-Resistant, safe & solid, impact-resistant (6mm thick panels), water-proof, and have solid aluminum frame base.
  • Arriving in DIY kits, they’re easy to build and are secured by SmartLock to ensure your safety. These transparent dome houses have a 3-year warranty and are built to give you privacy. They can be interconnected with their different model sizes making them versatile.

Bubble hotels and transparent dome houses are simply the best parts of camping – spacious beds, night-sky, air conditioning, and aesthetic nature – all in one spot.