Telescopic Screen Room

Investing in a telescopic screen room is a great way to extend your business space and increase your revenue. It improves the appearance of the exterior living space of your business area and creates a unique branding opportunity for you.

There are many businesses installing telescopic screen rooms because of the many benefits they provide to improve business. If you still haven’t taken notice of how telescopic retractable screen room can improve your business.

Here’s a closer look at what telescopic screen room could do for you.

Great Curb Appeal: The Telescopic screen room can provide your business with a great makeover. With the right design and structure, the telescopic screen room can transform your outdoor commercial spaces into beautiful, inviting storefronts.

Save Money: Telescopic screen rooms are energy efficient. The polycarbonate solid sheets are made of 100% virgin materials that block cancer-causing UV rays, heat, and glare, thus keeping air conditioning bill low.

Extended Outdoor Space: With extra room created with your telescopic screen room. You can add display areas to your retail store or add extra tables to your restaurant outdoor areas, allowing more customers to visit your store or restaurant.

Keep Business area Clean: Telescopic screen room can prevent elements like dust and snow from getting inside your business area.

Weather Protection: With a telescopic screen room you can always run your business even on a rainy day. This fantastic structure will protect you from rain and keep customers coming to your store or restaurant no matter the weather.

Create the Perfect Welcome: Telescopic screen rooms are an excellent way to invite customers without saying a word or calling out to them. They provide any business space a much more appealing, inviting, and comforting appearance that customers can quickly notice, adore, and appreciate.

Making even a minor enhancement to your business exterior space can have a great impact on improving your business. Whether you are looking for a way to embellish your backyards and outdoor living areas in your commercial, residential, or institutional properties, Litesort has the perfect Telescopic screen room for you. For more info visit