If you are looking for an effective alternative to a garage, which can effectively protect your vehicles, then a carport may be a perfect solution for you. A carport is a freestanding structure that can protect your vehicle against all types of weather changes. Not only vehicles, but carports also provide shade to people in areas where temperatures run high.

Litesort takes care of all your carport needs. Litesort provides high-quality aluminum carports that provide long-lasting protection to your vehicle and shade from the sun. Having been made out of aluminum, it ensures total protection against dirt, wind, and UV rays that can harm your vehicle. A carport is either a self-standing structure or can be erected with the help of your house-walls.

At Litesort, aluminum carports are provided for various purposes which include,

  • Patio Cover

retractable screen enclosures

  • Pergola

retractable patio screens near me

  • Pavilion


  • Canopy


The sizes of these carports are adjusted according to the space available and the needs of the customer. The frame used in the aluminum carports may be varied and come in various colors which include,

The color of the panel in the aluminum carports can be adjusted too. They can be

              Clear                              Light Gray                                 Dark Gray      

Regular Style Carport cover       Regular Carport         Regular Style Carport

Litesort’s versatile catalog and promise to provide efficient services make it the best and only choice for your carport work. Customize your carport according to your wishes and see it come true with the help of Litesort. Visit litesortcover.com for all your carport needs.