Are you looking for a way to enjoy the beautiful sun without being bothered by bugs? Looking for a way to enjoy a good book while enjoying a view of the rain? might just be able to make that wish to come true. Litesortcover brings to you a wide range of aluminum screen enclosures which are designed case by case and are available all around the world. This retractable aluminum screen enclosure will ensure that you are protected from the dust, bugs, and rain.

Litesort’s retractable screen enclosure is made with a 50% aluminum alloy frame. It undergoes rigorous processing with electrophoretic coating or anthracite powder coating technology, which ensures persistent quality even in harsh weather. Processing is also done to make the frame anti-corrosion, which makes sure that you won’t have to change the frame for a long time once installed.  A 50% polycarbonate 3.5 mm thick sheet is used with a 50 micron UV layer on one side to cancel out any harmful UV rays coming your way. Other stainless steel accessories are also attached to offer a complete and reliable structure. This ensures that the frame is light, durable, and suitable for your needs.

Litesort’s aluminum screen enclosure is easy to install, an extension that can be used in a variety of places which include

  • A sunny room 

Telescopic screen room

  • Commercial center

Slope Roofing

  • Spa Room

Arc Roofing Screen Room

Each aluminum screen enclosure is designed and tailored according to your needs. The enclosure comes with a 15-year warranty and a promise to fulfill all your requirements.