Transparent dome house

Transparent dome house is a great choice if you want a unique house structure that gives you the opportunity to embrace nature more closely than ever before. This transparent dome house let you sleep right under the stars, out in nature. This dome house is perfect for when you want to experience nature but from the comfort of your living room.

What Are Great About A Transparent Dome House?

It Is Resistant To Natural Elements

The dome shape makes the structure resistant to shedding elements like wind and snow. This is because it has fewer flat surfaces, hence allowing the wind to easily move around the house without putting too much pressure on its structure. LiteSort’s transparent dome houses are built to remain efficiently resident to these elements and are also UV-Resistant, impact-resistant, and have a strong aluminum
frame base. Whether it’s sunny, rain or snow, you can still enjoy the view of your outdoor living space.

It Is Energy Efficient

A transparent dome house or bubble hotel promotes efficient air circulation and maintain suitable temperatures within the structure. Since the light refracts and actually remains inside the structure, it is able to take advantage of the solar gain and minimize the need for artificial lighting. It is 2 – 4 times more energy-efficient compare to traditional homes.

It Is Very Strong

While it is lighter and needs fewer materials to build, it is more structurally sound and strong. You can have joy and peace and have a relaxing time gazing across the beauty of nature that surrounds you, without worrying when your house will collapse because it won’t.

Looking to build your own transparent dome house or bubble hotel? Why not choose LITESORT. LiteSort’s transparent dome houses are 200 times stronger than average glasshouses. Visit to know more.