Telescopic screen room

Telescopic screen rooms are the new-age trend. The screen is only there when necessary. One can simply push the screen together after use, and switch it to the wall. You can often see them at community centers and hospitals, but today they are widely used for other industrial and personal purposes. They act as a great privacy shield.


  • Telescopic screen rooms with customized measurements.
  • Aluminum-based frame and polycarbonate screens with stainless steel hardware accessories
  • Top-quality material with a durable structure to protect your outdoor life
  • Wall-mounted retractable screen enclosures
  • The roofing is UV-resistant, unbreakable, and highly resistant to impact

Why go for telescopic screen rooms?

  1. Efficient and cost-effective extension to your houses
  2. Most houses can have a telescopic screen room outside which protects them from harsh weather changes and insects
  3. Easy to handle as they are retractable on rails and wheels
  4. Available as various models; spas, playrooms, balcony, etc.
  5. Lightweight, durable, strong, and anti-corrosive
  6. A perfect blend of arc roof and room

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